State Program Eligibility and Need Requirements

All families must be “eligible” based on the following criteria:

  • Child is referred by a legally licensed professional as “needs child care to prevent abuse or neglect”, or
  • Family is receiving public assistance, or
  • Family’s income falls below 70% of the state median income, or
  • Family is homeless
  • Age of child

For Full-Day Full-Year Child Carefamilies must also have a “need” based on:

  • Child protective service
  • Employment
  • Training
  • Seeking employment
  • Incapacitation of the parent
  • Seeking permanent housing for family stability

All necessary documentation must be collected and approved prior to child starting the program.

Families are responsible to report ANY changes in family income, family size, or need for child care within FIVE DAYS to Northcoast Children’s Services.

Required Documentation

  • Must document all children in family.  Must provide a birth certificate, hospital record or documentation indicating the relationship of the child to the parent.  If the birth certificate shows a parent not on the application, the parent needs to confirm presence or absence of the other parent.  Examples:  records of divorce or separation, child support receipts, rental receipts or agreements, utility bills or other documents showing that the enrolling parent is the responsible party.
  • Families must provide documentation of income including wages and/or earning statements from prior 30 days.
  • If self-employed, parents must provide most recent, signed and completed tax return with a statement of current estimated income for tax purposes and other business records to demonstrate need for care.
  • Certify to reasonable belief that documentation supports reported income, is reliable, consistent with all other information and own knowledge.

All families must sign an Authorization to Release Information Form for permission to contact the parent’s employer if necessary.  (Employment Verification Form)