Northcoast Children’s Services

Northcoast Children’s Services is a private non-profit serving pregnant families and families with children from birth to kindergarten age. NCS employs over 200 people and provides services to over 800 children and their families in 23 locations throughout Humboldt and Del Norte Counties each year.

NCS believes that parents are children’s first and most important teacher throughout their lives. NCS programs work with parents to support healthy child development with goals for school readiness in the areas of language and literacy, cognitive, motor, and social emotional development. In addition to educational services, NCS programs partner with families to help them reach their goals for family needs, wellness, safety, life skills, and parenting.

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Serving Humboldt & Del Norte Counties. Enter your 5-digit zip code below to find a NCS program near you or visit our locations page to see a full list of our program locations.

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