Pastels on the Plaza



Pastels on the Plaza 2022 – Saturday, October 1st

Pastels On the Plaza, Arcata, California

Since 1987, Northcoast Children’s Services has partnered with local  sponsors and artists to transform the sidewalks of the Arcata Plaza into a colorful art gallery on the first Saturday in October. Pastels on the Plaza is a benefit for Northcoast Children’s Services where businesses & other sponsors are invited to purchase a square of sidewalk to be transformed into a work of art by local artists willing to donate their time and creativity to this unique community event. Proceeds from this event help fund our Preschool and Family Services that extend to over 1000 children and families in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties annually.

The way it works…

Businesses or Sponsors “buy” a square of sidewalk for $150 or $250.

Sponsor Registration Form (Printable)

Sponsor Registration Information Letter

Artists sign up for the event.

Artist Registration Form (Printable)

Artist Registration Information Letter

Please mail the registration form to: Or–Bring the registration form to the office located at
Northcoast Children’s Services
Pastels on the Plaza
PO Box 1165
Arcata, Ca 95518
1266 Ninth Street
Arcata, CA 95521

We provide the pastels – there is no cost for artists to participate!

Some sponsors and artists will agree to work together and coordinate the art work or we can match up artists and sponsors a few days before the event. Please note – If a sponsoring business has special requests for artwork, they need to provide their own artist and coordinate with them well in advance of the event.

In order to provide for physical distancing this year, Artists will be asked to sign up for a time slot on  Saturday either in the morning or afternoon. Throughout the weekend and into the coming week, thousands of art lovers come to stroll around the plaza and enjoy the colorful display before rain and time turn the sidewalks back to their usual grey.

For additional information regarding Pastels on the Plaza, please call:

Rodney Oien
Executive Director
Lindsey Jones-Ziegler
Event Coordinator

or email us at

The History of Pastels on the Plaza:

On the first Saturday in October 1987, a handful of artists met on the Arcata Plaza for a one-time morning of “Sidewalk” art. Local businesses made a donation to Northcoast Children’s Services for each of the 29 squares. The art was scattered along the spokes of the Plaza cement. Those “one time” artists and businesses had such a good time it was continued every year until Pastels on the Plaza became the largest art event on the Northcoast and a major fundraiser for Northcoast Children’s Services. These days, the entire Plaza square is encased in rich colorful displays of art created by local artists.

Come on out and help us chalk it up for kids!

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