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Benefit Enrollment Info 2023-2024:

Benefit Guide

BENEFITS GUIDE 2023 to 2024 Humboldt
BENEFITS GUIDE 2023 to 2024 Other Counties


CA23 3000 80.60 HSA RX2
CA23 OAMC 1500 80.50 $25.50 RX3
CA23 OAMC 2500 80.50 $25.50 RX3

EWS Link:

Northcoast Childrens Services EWS Cloud access Instructions
Our Organization ID is NCCS_24209.

Account Setup
– Your employee ID is the first 3 letters of your last name and the first three letters of your first name (ex.  Harrison Ford’s employee ID would be forhar).
-The User ID and password is whatever you want it to be, I would recommend first initial, last name for the user id.  Don’t add @NCCS_24209 to your user name in the Account Setup.

On the logon page, the User ID you created in Account Setup needs to be followed by @NCCS_24209 like the example below.  The User ID is johns but when you log in, it needs to be johns@NCCS_24209

USER ID = User ID from Account Setup@Organization ID
e.g.: johns@NCCS_24209

Operations Procedure to Prevent the Spread of Covid 19 2022


Unlawful Harassment Procedure

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