Open Enrollment Plans:

NCS Model Notice Packet

SBC Anthem Solution PPO 1500 20 40 20
SBC Anthem Solution PPO 2500 25 45 20
SBC Anthem PPO HSA 6100 0
BV 7B Vision Summary

EWS Link:

Northcoast Childrens Services EWS Cloud access Instructions
Our Organization ID is NCCS_24209.

Account Setup
– Your employee ID is the first 3 letters of your last name and the first three letters of your first name (ex.  Harrison Ford’s employee ID would be forhar).
-The User ID and password is whatever you want it to be, I would recommend first initial, last name for the user id.  Don’t add @NCCS_24209 to your user name in the Account Setup.

On the logon page, the User ID you created in Account Setup needs to be followed by @NCCS_24209 like the example below.  The User ID is johns but when you log in, it needs to be johns@NCCS_24209

USER ID = User ID from Account Setup@Organization ID
e.g.: johns@NCCS_24209

Covid 19 Information:

California Department of Public Health 

Humboldt County Department of Public Health 

Del Norte County Department of Public Health

Covid 19 Vaccine Information:

Find a Walk in Clinic or Schedule an Appointment:  

Covid 19 Vaccine information from the CDC

Types of Vaccines Available 

Possible Side Effects from Covid 19 Vaccines 

Myths and Facts About Covid 19 Vaccines

Frequently Asked Questions About Covid 19 Vaccines 

Operations Procedure to Prevent the Spread of Covid 19 2022


Unlawful Harassment Procedure

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